Packaging Tape Dispenser

Metal blade,serrated knife,sharp cutting tape,Easilytear the tape, the blade of the dispenser is shap and safe

Save time, simple, easy to operate,serrated blade cuts tape cleanly,no damage tape, cylindrical drum, roller

rolling smooth, quick pull out the tape, simple operation

Description of Packing Tape Dispenser
Blue, red, etc
Custom Color
Tape Size
2 inches, 3inches
Plastic-PP, ABS, PS, HIPS, metal blade
Tape Dispenser Type
With/without handle
Supply logo printing
1. Serrated blade cuts tape cleanly
2. Easily tear the tape
3. The blade of dispenser in sharp but safe
Carton sealing, for Industrial and office using, etc
The handle cutter’s sharp blade can cutpackaging tape within two inches and itfeatures a silicone non-slip grip.robust, thick.and resistant to wear. Long-lasting and beautifulin appearancePlastic baffles. Trim the adhesive side of thetape so that it is flatter and more pliableApplication is straightforward: lay the tape onthe roller. rip it, and insert one end throughthe metal sheet. ready for usageWarm Advice. You may take off the baffle.Toutilize the bezel. unscrew the screw. take itout. then screw it back in.



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