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Machine Stretch Film, also known as machine wrap, is a type of plastic film used to secure and protect products during transportation and storage. It is designed to fit on an automated Stretch Wrap machine, which helps stretch the film to wrap around the products securely.

Machine Stretch Film is made from polyethylene plastic and comes in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths to meet different packaging needs. The film’s thickness is measured in microns or gauge, with microns being the more accurate measure. Common thicknesses for machine stretch film range from 12 to 30 microns.

The film is flexible and stretchable, allowing it to conform to the shape and size of the products. It is applied to the products using a stretch wrap machine, which rotates around the product and applies tension to the film to stretch it. This stretching process helps the film to cling tightly to the product.

Machine Stretch Film provides several benefits, including:
1. Protection: It helps to protect products from dust, moisture, and scratches during storage and transportation.
2. Stability: It keeps products stable and prevents shifting during transportation, reducing the chances of damage.
3. Security: It helps to keep products intact, preventing tampering and theft.
4. Cost-effective: It is a cost-effective packaging solution, as it requires less material and lower labor costs than other forms of packaging.

Machine stretch film is used in various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and retail. It is commonly used to wrap pallets, boxes, and other packages before they are shipped. It can also be customized with company logos or printed messages to enhance branding and promote products.

In conclusion, Machine grade stretch film is a versatile and reliable packaging solution that helps protect, stabilize, and secure products during transportation and storage. It is cost-effective and widely used in various industries, making it an essential component of modern logistics and shipping.

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